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  • Jeremy’s Scarf

    Posted on January 21st, 2008 James 6 comments

    A friend of mine often works outside, and I asked him whether a scarf would help. He jumped at the chance, and after consulting with him on colors (green or fall colors) this is what I came up with. It’s a fairly simple stockinette stitch created on the yellow long loom (18 pegs each side). The scarf used a twin yarn, so it’s very thick (as the image will show).

    Variated scarf for Jeremy

    • Loom: Yellow KK Long Loom (38 pegs)
    • Yarn: Red Heart, Fleck (5oz), worsted medium; Red Heart, Multi (5oz), worsted medium
    • Stitch: Double-yarn basic stockinette stitch

    I made this scarf during Sunday afternoon. It started off two-times prior to me finishing it, as I tried different stitches for this scarf. Each time I’d get a number of rows finished and then realize that I didn’t like the look, so I unraveled it (called frogging) and started again.


    6 Responses to “Jeremy’s Scarf”

    1. Ooh, I like the edging the stockinette stitch makes. I’ll have to give that a try sometime.

    2. i want a scarf too my head is cold and he said u are a cool perso and ur friend

    3. This is the most wonderful scarf I have ever seen! I will be warm all winter now! YEA!

    4. @ian: The side of the scarf is about 1/2″ thick, so I’m thinking it is more pronounced on this scarf. I am planning to do another one of these with a single yarn, so we’ll see what that looks like. If you do one, be sure to snap a pic.

    5. @jessika: I am a cool person (well at least my therapist tells me this).

    6. @jeremy: Kind words, but you haven’t seen or worn it yet. It is a lot thicker than I thought it would be, but that does make it stay in place (the wind should have some issues with lifting this scarf up).

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